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Minesweeper Supreme

This is a 3d version of the classic Minesweeper game, where you have to clear the grid without hitting any mines. You can choose to play on your own or online against another player to see who can complete the grid first.

To start playing the game you need to touch a square on the grid. If a number is shown then this is to tell you how many mines are surrounding that square. You need to use the numbers to help you decide which squares are clear and which ones have mines. To place a flag on a square that you think has a mine, press the button in the top right corner of the screen to activate it. Now click on the square and a flag will be placed. To complete the game you need to find all of the squares that are clear.

Space Defender Extreme

In this game you have to last as long as you can against a never ending stream of asteroids to gain as many points as possible. You also have to watch out for flaming comets, alien spaceships and drifting satellites. There are no levels or extra lives. You can compete with other players by trying to get to the top of the leaderboard.

You need to be connected to the internet whilst playing the game, for your score to be put on the leaderboard if it is high enough.

Robot Ludo

This is a new twist on the classic game of Ludo involving robots. You can play against friends or the computer, with up to 4 players on the board. Each player will take turns to roll the dice. If the dice lands on a 6, then you can move a robot onto the board and roll the dice again. If you roll a 6 a third time in a row the next player will take their turn. If your robot lands on a robot of another player at the end of the move, then they will go off the board. The aim of the game is to get all of your robots around the board and onto the last square, where they will be taken out of the game. The first player to do this will win.

Maths Attack - Brain Training

This maths game is for both children and adults. It starts off with easy questions that progressively get harder the more you get right. The purpose of the game is to improve your calculation skills by answering the questions correctly, before the spaceships get too close and destroy your turret.

To answer a question enter the number using the buttons on the left and then confirm it by pressing the button on the right. If the answer is correct, your turret will launch a rocket and shoot the corresponding spaceship down. The questions involve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Playing the game regularly will help train your brain to make these calculations faster and give you a mental workout.

World War 2 Tanks

You must survive as long as you can against incoming enemy tanks and soldiers armed with RPGs. The aim of the game is to destroy as many enemy units as you can and you will receive one point for each one that you hit. You can move freely around the limited area, in order to get a better view of the enemy.

Use the left joystick to drive the tank and the right joystick to control the turret. The reticle will hit targets accurately up to a certain distance, but the further they are away the more you will have to adjust it to compensate for the shell falling down due to gravity. When you are ready to shoot press the red button and it will turn red again once the cannon has been reloaded.

Frog Checkers

Play this new twist on the classic game of checkers against the computer, a friend or against someone over the internet.

This game uses the normal rules so please learn them before you play. You must move each frog in a diagonal direction with the aim of capturing all of your opponent's frogs. A frog can only move forward until it reaches the end where it will become a king and then be able to move backwards.

If you do not like the rule of being forced to capture, then you can turn this off. When playing against the computer you can choose the difficulty depending on how good you are.

The Ball Challenge

In this game you have to get the red ball from the cannon into the hole. There are 26 different rooms and you get a maximum of 10 balls.

To move the cannon press the up and down buttons. Hold down the shoot button until you have enough power and lift your finger to release the ball. If you want to complete the game, you have to remember the correct height and power of the cannon for each room.