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Property Management Pro

Are you a landlord who manages your own rental properties or do you have a property portfolio in the United States or the United Kingdom? Then this app is for you. It allows you to do the following:

• Store and manage your properties' details and associated information such as utility companies, inventory lists and expenses, etc.

• Add the tenants' details of each property and generate rent schedules based on the rental agreement.

• View an event calendar showing you when rent will be due, insurance is due for renewal and if you are based in the UK, then when your electrical and gas safety certificates are due to be renewed also. You can additionally set a reminder by enabling the bell icon in the popup window of the event when clicked on.

• Generate a bar graph or a pie chart showing your income and outgoings during a year from the date that you specify. The bar chart gives a month by month breakdown, whereas the pie chart shows the total for the year.

• View a summary of your fixed assets based on the purchase price, improvement costs and current value of each property that you have supplied.

• Generate pdf documents containing information on your properties such as rent schedules, inventory lists, tenant information, etc that can then be saved and printed.

**This application is free to add one property, but if you wish to add more properties then you need to activate it via an in-app purchase. The price is £34.99 / $49.99

Star Languages

Star Languages is an entertaining way to help you learn a language.

The available languages are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Please be aware that activation for a language is required in order to use all the features without any limitations for that specific language. The number of features that are available also varies depending on the language. These features are:

• Vocabulary trainer: choose the corresponding image to the word that is given.

• Choose the word: choose the correct word for the image given.

• Verb conjugation trainer: practice the verb conjugations for the various tenses by translating from the chosen language to English and vice-a-versa.

• True or false: select whether the shown translation is true or false and answer as many as you can in 60 seconds.

• Spelling test: spell the given word's translation correctly without getting a letter wrong.

• Hangman: guess the letters contained in the hidden word by choosing one letter at a time, with only a limited amout of guesses.

• Guess the word: select the correct image using the characters of a given word that are shown. The less characters that you need to be shown in order to guess what the word's meaning is, the more points you will get. Try to get as many points in 60 seconds as you can.

• Crossword: solve the crossword by using the English translations as hints.

• Anagram: rearrange the letters to guess the jumbled word.

• Word search: find all the hidden words in the grid using the English translations as hints.

• Memory match: flip over two cards at a time to find the chosen language's words and their corresponding translations, until all pairs have been found.

• Memory recall: Remember as many of the 8 words shown as you can in 15 seconds and then select their English translations.

• Categorised flash card sets for speed learning new vocabulary, with categories such as adjectives, adverbs, numbers, common objects, transportation and so on.

**This application is free to add one property, but if you wish to add more properties then you need to activate it via an in-app purchase. The price is £34.99 / $49.99